2021 PNIRS Trainee Event

May 19th,  9am - 12pm PDT / 12pm - 3pm EDT

The event will be split into two approximately 1-hr sessions. The trainee event will occur on the day prior to the meeting, Wednesday May 19, 2021 from 9am - 12pm PDT / 12pm - 3pm EDT.  The first hour will run 12-1pm EDT. The workshops will then run for approximately 75 min,  1:15pm -2:30pm.

The first hour will be via webinar with Q&A.

  • How to use Twitter to maximize your science engagement – Melissa Kose, Social Media, Editor for BBI
  • Publishing in BBI and BBI-Health – Dr. Carmine Pariante, Editor in Chief
  • Mental Health and Career Challenges during the past year- TBD

The second hour will be Roundtable sessions moderated by senior PNIRS members. We will add more topics depending on the number of participants. Tables will have room for 8 participants (1 moderator, 7 participants). Each session will run for 15 min, so participants will have the opportunity to visit multiple tables.


  • Looking for a postdoc
  • Finding an academic job / starting a lab- US
  • Finding an academic job / starting a lab- EU
  • Tips for grant writing
  • Tips for manuscript writing
  • Strategies in networking 
  • Science communication
  • How to manage lab conflicts
  • Work-life balance discussions
  • Reviewing a manuscript


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