PNIRS 2021 Call for Abstracts 

The PNIRS Program Committee is requesting abstracts for oral and poster sessions for the 2021 Virtual Annual Meeting, as well as proposals for “discussion groups” – NEW this year.  The committee welcomes submissions on all scientific topics that address the mission of the society and that involve at least two of the systems of central interest to our group:  the central nervous system, the immune system, and behavior.  Submissions should focus on new and unpublished work to ensure that the annual meeting remains on the cutting-edge of psychoneuroimmunology, including studies related Covid-19.   The committee strongly encourages submissions from women, underrepresented minorities (including LGBTQ+), and early career scientists. 

Please use the registration form to submit your abstract.

Deadline for Abstract Submission is April 1, 2021


**Note: If you are applying for membership in addition to submitting an abstract, the membership review process can take 24-48 hours.  Please plan accordingly.

Guidelines for Abstracts for Oral and Poster Sessions: 

  • The body of the abstract is limited to 1250 characters.  
  • The abstract should contain the essential background, the new scientific information to be presented, and the possible significance of the results.
  • Abstracts should be divided into sections:  Background, Methods, Results, and Conclusion.
  • To address scientific rigor, appropriate statistical analysis tests, effect sizes, and p values should be reported.
  • Abstracts should contain plain text with no special formatting.  Special characters (specifically Greek letters, greater than or equal to, and less than or equal to) must be spelled out.   Please use lower-case 'p' for probabilities, e.g., p < .05.  

Corresponding authors will be asked to indicate whether their submission aligns with pre-clinical or clinical research, and whether they prefer oral or poster session format. 

Guidelines for Abstracts for Discussion Groups (NEW this year!): 

Discussion groups are issue-oriented sessions that focus on a particular conceptual, translational, or methodological issue relevant to PNI.  We welcome submissions that focus on new and emerging topics, questions, and controversies in the field.  These sessions are informal with more discussion among group participants than symposia. The group chair is expected to lead an active discussion, with Q&A from the audience, on the topic of interest.

Study groups must be chaired by a PNIRS member and include up to 4 group participants (5 people in total), who should be confirmed in advance of submission and identified in the proposal.  Proposals should describe the topic and indicate why it is timely and of interest for the field of psychoneuroimmunology.  The body of the proposal is limited to 250 words.  Examples of potential topics include:

  • New approaches for studying behavior in PNI research
  • Are there immune subtypes of depression? 
  • PNI and Covid-19



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