Asya Rolls, PhD

November 18, 2020  8:00 - 9:00 a.m. PST


Think globally act locally: The SNS in neuroimmune interactions

ASYA ROLLS is an Associate Prof. at the Rappaport Medical School, Technion, Israel Institute of Technology. She is also an International Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI)-Wellcome investigator. Rolls is interested in the physiological mechanisms whereby emotions and thoughts affect physical health. Her laboratory uses chemogenetic, optical, and behavioral approaches to investigate how specific brain activity affects the immune response. By deciphering the neuronal pathways mediating brain-immune signals, her work aims to harness the brain’s therapeutic potential.

She obtained her PhD from the Weizmann Institute (The late Prof. Ofer Lider and Prof. Michal Schwartz), Israel and completed her postdoctoral training at the Psychiatry Department at Stanford University, CA, as a Fulbright Scholar (Prof. Luis de Lecea, Prof. Craig Heller, and in collaboration with Prof. Irv Weisman).

Dr. Rolls is a member of the Israeli Young Academy of Sciences and Humanities. Her work has been recognized through a number of awards including the NARSAD Young Investigator Award, Krill Prize (Wolf Foundation), the Adelis Brain Research Award, the Rappaport Young Investigator Award, and the ERC starting grant.

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