Dr. Anna Marsland 
University of Pittsburgh Behavioral Immunology Laboratory

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Associations of Markers of Systemic Inflammation with Neurocognitive Aging

Anna Marsland, PhD., RN is a Professor of Psychology and faculty in the Biological and Health Psychology program at the University of Pittsburgh, USA where she directs the Behavioral Immunology Laboratory.

Dr. Marsland began her career as a nurse working in the UK and became fascinated by her observations of the link between psychosocial factors and physical health outcomes. This led her to pursue a BSc in psychology at University College London and then to cross the Atlantic in 1989 to complete graduate studies in health psychology at the University of Pittsburgh. Here, she joined Dr. Stephen Manuck’s laboratory and worked on studies examining the impact of psychological stress on the cardiovascular system. Psychoneuroimmunology was emerging as a field at that time and Dr. Marsland became fascinated by the possibility that acute psychological stress may also impact the immune system in ways that could contribute to individual differences in vulnerability to disease. As a graduate student, she benefitted from mentorship from Bruce Rabin, MD and Sheldon Cohen, PhD. Her early research focused on stress induced changes in immune function, and biological pathways connecting the central nervous and immune systems. She joined PNIRS when it was founded in 1993 and has many happy memories of being a trainee at the first meeting of the society in Boulder, Colorado.

In recent years, thanks to ongoing collaborations with Peter Gianaros, PhD, she has become increasingly interested in communications from the immune system to the brain. Specifically, some of her recent work focuses on the possibility that peripheral inflammation may contribute to neurocognitive aging. It is this work that she plans to describe in her presentation.

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